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9:00 am it's time to turn it over to cnn newsroom with drew griffin. and drew, good to see you. >> good to see you jim, candy. good morning. here's what we're working on. drilling down, a natural gas production. >> this is the dirty side of natural gas. it's clean to burn but not clean to get. >> she's talking about a drilling method called cracking. the ie.p.a. said it's safe, no taking another look. we're digging deeper. imagine coming homteafr this,ho a california neighborhood obliterated by a deadly fireball. we're getting this eyewitness view of the destruction. and the u.s. military gets animated. why it's ansforming the japanese/american security treaty into a comic book security line. -- captions by vitac --
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happening right now, an american jailed more th a year is on the verge of heading home. a lawyer for sarah shod says she is set to be freed once her half million dollar bond is paid. her family says she's sick and an iranian prosecutor says that g bailed out. tein she'll have to leave behind h h fiance shane bauer and her friend josh fattal t. three have been jailed since july 31 of lastary. allegedly they strayed across iran aqi border into duri a hike. ey are accused in iran of being u.s. spies. the family's website says that sarah has been mostly held in confinement. given hour a day to visit her fiance. she could be hours from freedom but her bail hasn't been posted yet. reza sayah is monitoring the situation. st?t is the la
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>> reporter: well, the latest according to the lawyer representing sarah shourd is hat she is in iranian custody because the half million dollars is yet to be posted to the judiciary. we've been speaking to the lawyer for sarah shourd several times over the past few hours. he is in contact with officials at tehran's prosecutor's office and officials at the swiss si bassy, that's basically what they are waiting on is this bail money to be posted. because te washington do icnot diplomatic relations it's the swiss embassy that's goingto play the role of mediator in this matter. of course this has been somewhat of a fee as coover the past few nian officials a handled this. released,she would be then changed their minds. on sunday once again a senior prosecutor said iranian als officiuld offer to have her released in exchange for the $500,000 in bail money. the hiker's lawyer told me he
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met with all thr of them yesterday, he said they are in good condition and sarah is in good spirits and looking forward to leaving the country, but her preference ifor all three to be released together. >> where's the money coming from? it's not likely she's going back to iran for trial so is this a shake-down? where is the money coming from? >> reporter: well, it's not clear where the money is coming from. sarah shourd's mother is a registered nurse, it doesn't look like this is a very wealthy family. we do understand that they own a couple of properties in the u.s., they coulde posbly sell those properties, take loans out on those properties, human rights groups could probably step u and help them out. but at this point they are keeping qut on how they e going to come up with this ney. like you said, it's very likely they are ever going to see this money again. this is technically bail money, she's still going to face trial
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but the likely scenario is that she's going to come up with the money, leave iran, never retura to that country again, and never see that money again. we've seen this happen with other foreign nationals who have been arrested by iranian officials in the past. >> reza, we'll be watching to see if you have anything that breaks as we look for the release of this hir. thank you, reza. irefighters are hoping better ather is going to give them an edge on a fast-moving wildfire near loveland, colorado. the fire grew from 40 to 700 acres in hours. it destroyed two homes, at least 100 threatened. so far no injuries to report. 40 miles to the south another wild fire near contained and people are going back home. that fire as you may recall, wan in boulder, and it destroyed 166 homes. just outside san francisco, people are returnioedng t their bombed out landscape that had been a neighborhood. a natural gas explosion sweeping wild fire killed at least four
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people, destroyed more tn three dozen homes and now we're learning that there were serious safety concerns before that blast. cnn'ted rolens has the story. >> reporter: this incredible home video was captured moments after the explosion from a house balcony behind the blown gas pipe. the voice you hear belongs to walter mccaffrey, o he had one hand on his camera, the other on his phone telling his wife not to come home with their three children. this is the view from that deck now, walter and his wife were allowed back sundayus afternoono their house for the first time since the explosion. >> just looking at all this. i mean, i saw all of this from the news but being here and the first time coming up here and looking at all this, it was just -- no words.
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i can't really aexplain. >> reporter: teams are sifting through ash, searching for remains of people sill listed as missing. as investigators try tolearn what caused the explosion, questions have surfaced about the section of pipe that blew. a pg&e document outlining costs to replace th pipe says, quote, the kelihood of a failure makes the risk of a failure at this location unacceptably high. that doesn't mean pg&e thought there was a chance the pipe could explode but mark tony, of the consumer watchdog group utility reform network says it's important if reports that residents smelled gas beforeio e explosion are true. >> nobocldy, pg&e included, cou have imagined something as horrible and terrible as the san bruno blast and fire as happening. but the fact remains that when pg&e got the reports of gas leaks from several customers over several days, they should
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have realized that this was an area that washa old, that was a high risk, that they identified as high risk. >> reporter: officials are looking into the reports about the smell of gas in the days before the explosion and how pg&e responded. >> we would ask anybody who says that they smelled gas and called it in to let us know. >> reporter: theve mccafferies plan to move back. while their home suffered minor damage their neighborhood will never be the same. >> wow wlaxt a story. we want to show you more pictures of the devastation. dina bower sent us these images. you can see the barren yards. cars reduced to heaps of metal and melted rubber. police are looking for several people who are reported missing in this. in washington, common ground
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could be emerging in the partisan battle over tax cuts. president obama has wanted to extend the bush tax cuts to everyone who makes less than $250,000 a year.s republicans say people making more than that should be included, too, because they help revive the economy. over thebl weekend a top republican in theouse says he may support tax cuts for the middle class only if that's the only option he has. >> if the only option i have is to vote for some of those tax ductions, i'll vote for them. bui've been making the point now for months that we need to extend all of the current rates for all americans, if we want to get our economy going again and we want to get jobs in america. >> john boehner says t because is willing to compromise doesn't mean he is giving up. he will continue pushing for tax cuts for people who make more than $250,000 right up until the bush era rules expire at the end
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of this year. and boehner has not backed off his criticism of the white house. he and the administration's top spokesman trading barbs via twitter. who do we call in for that, the twitter expert. josh levs. >> politicians going back and forth over twitter. >> you know, this sort of straight up you are my enemy stuff on twitter, really is getting to a new level. beyond what i've seen. it's kind of like watching a tennis match. your eyes have to follow. but here the stakes can affect us. let me show you some of the latest in this twitter battle between these two twitter enemies, quickly dubbed the twinmes.rt this is robertgibbs. he posted a link to a "new york times" story that explores the relationship that john boehner has th some lobbyists. headline says it all. g.o.p. leader tightly bound to
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lobbyist. he sends out owthat. then he follows up with a link to a graphic from the new york handy nd look how he goeshe sas clip and savera graphic of k street cabinet. then adds black and white photo doesn't do that tan justice so he is going as far as making fun of john boehner's tan. let me show you the picture. this is from th new york times, talked about boehner's k-street cabinet, some of the consultants with tight links to him. that's the picture in "the new york times." let's get back to this twitter battle. one more from gibbs. he says story on boehner covers some of his greates hits, handing out checks from lobbyists on the house floor. talked about this. back to 1995 when the ohio republican at the time dolled out contributions on thete hous floor after that it was then outlawed so i don't want to leave with you the impression it was a legal thing to do at the time he was doing it. let's look here at john boehner.
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what he put on his own twitter site. first he posted a retweet to what someone said with him fighting back. in fighting bac the new york times story is a hatct job. now look at a link he offers. he says press secretary forgot to tweet about dems meeting with lobbyists at carou. and he posts a link to this. it's another new york times story from a few months ago. a coffee shop where obama orficials have meetings with lobbyists and they explored the relationship that the obama administration has to some lobbyists. before we go, let's finish out this twitter battle that keeps going and going. he says hasn't explained how raising taxes on small businesses will create jobs. we're still waitg. if you are following, they are still going at this thing. are they going to give it a twitter rest? someone going to throw in the white towel? i don't know.
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in the meantime it's right out there in plain sight for you all to see how these two twitter enemies are going at each othe in fnt of the world. >> i don't know what to say. it's so juvenile. one side saying the other has more lobbyists than the other. >> i want to point out that we look at the lobbyists that everyone has. you do see them across the board. i encourage you to read the story. you might learn a lot. but certainly also see each side rejecting some of the claims that are there. "the new york times" as well. this is apllso another example w partisan politics becomes the show and somehow they have time for this. getting nothing doneor us. >> it seems we could put in two teenage gls and they could ha the same conversation on facebook. >> i hear you. >> we should move on. just about awe half hour from n we're going to get the latest from the cnn political ticker.
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our own paul steinhauser will walk us through the latest developments. this just in. the imam feisal abdul rauf behind the mosque near ground zero is talking about negotiations, speaking minutes ago to the council on foreign relations, he didn't mention specific but did say that everything is on the table. >> we are exploring all options as we speak right now. and we are working through what will b a solution, god willing, that will resolve this crisis, defuse it and not create the untoward circumstances that we see >> interestin the debate still heated on the streets of new york. thousands of people taking part in duelling rallies saturday. police didn't report major incidents but arguments broke
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out. donald trump has offered to buy islamic at the planned center. trump will talk about his reasons on cnn's larry king live. the mayor of d.c. tried to reform education in his district. his reward mht be a loss at the polls. during its first year, the humpback calf and its mother are almost inseparable. she lifts her calf to its first breath of air, then protects it on the long journey to their feeding grounds. one of the most important things you can do is help the next generation. at pacific life, we offer financial solutions to accomplish just tha ask a financial professional about pacific life. the power to help you succeed.
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everyone wants better schools but when it comes to education reform, toes can get stepped on. in washington, d.c. the educion reformer, mayor adrian fenty, is battling for his job. if he loses tomorrow's primary it could have a chilling effect on school reform nationwide. kate baldwin in washington. the mayor has made enemies trying to upgrade the education system. >> reporter: he has. there are other local factors in d.c.'s mayoral primary a as the are in any city. one issue playing a significant role is also -- is also carrying nationalimplications. education reform. let me give you a back story.
9:18 am
then known as the democratic dynamo. mayor fenty took control of d.c.'s failing public school system. he handed it over to the new chanllor and aggressive former, michelle rhee. she ushered in a wave of change. this included shutting down two dozen school, firing hundreds of educats, including more than 100 teachers. also overhauling the evaluation system linudking it to student performance for the first time and doing away in large part with the idea of tenure and putting in its place teacher performance pay. fenty, once a rising star as you said, he is now in the fight for his career. we caught up with him on the campaign trail. >> you asked me whether we would make the decisions we made arounded education reform now, knowing everything we did, i'd say absolutely yes. 100 times out of 100. i was elected to do what's right
9:19 am
for the city, not what is politically popular. that's ha we've done. the great t hing is our schools are better for it. >> reporter: drew, as you can guess there, while fenlty acknowledges the aggressive performance has cost him in the .polls he says that d.c. school and students have suffered for too long and he doesn't care if he's stepping on toe, basically. >> you mentioned in the open, a lot of cies across theation are hoping to reform their school district. what does this mean nationally? >> reporter: this is why we're keeping an e on this. the reforms in d.c. schools while ruffling feathersre what the obamtia administration is advocating and calling for. an the administration has put up serious cash to prove it. offering more than $3 billion in competitive grants for innovative reform efforts lik what's happening in d.c. and d.c. won some of that money. in the most recent polls, fenty is neck and neck or losing to
9:20 am
his challenger vinton gray, voters count education as a cheap concern heading into the polls, all of this added together is leaving some to wond fer the results of this vase a test case and could create a chilling effect on the national dialogue going on about education reform. simply the fear, drew, that liticians will see this education refo these efforts backed by the obama administration too risky to take on. >> kate, let me ask you this. is the guy running against fenty saying i'm going to reopen those schools, hire back the loser teachers? has it come to that? >> reporter: probably doesn't surprise you it's a little messier than being clear cut. what the challenger says is he supports the idea of reform but heas h i played off thedea of he is going to push for education reform for every student in d.c. public schools. many people who have spoken out against mayorte fenty said that he's in sppg on toes he's
9:21 am
not helping the teachers, he's stepping on toes he's firing teachers, consolidated schools which angered some parents because they have to move their kids to a different school. so the challenger is playing on this idea of unifying the city. he likes reform, says but hen wants to bring everyone in to be part of the reform and take more opinion. mayor fenty says the schools have been faianling for too lon d he needs to move ast. that's why he brought in michelle rhee. and she talks about barreling full speed ahead. they need big decisions, not taking a large amount of consensus on this. >> thanks. we'll watch tomorrow to see what happens in d.c. take care. we want to go to weather righnow. we've got a couple of big storms gathering strength. doesn't seem like they are in danger of hitting us yet. >> not yet. good morning. look at this. this got exploded over the weekend. hurricane igor was a tropical storm around this time on friday. and just blew up.
9:22 am
especially yesterday. category four with 150-leon-an-hour winds. so we're on the verge of cranking this up to category five. the eye looks like it's getting bigger. last check was about 15 miles in diameter. it looks to be larger. it is showing no signs of weakening whatsoever, continues to barrel to the west. and heading to the leeward islands, 900 miles from there, about 2,00 miles from the u.s. east coast. we have time to watch this storm and it very well could become a category five storm before the day is done. as far athe actual track of this thing, is is where we think the cone is going to bring it. basically toward bermuda here, by saturday and sunday, that would allow it to get closer to the u.s. but at that trajectory the odds are that it w would be storm out to sea. we see if we get a ough to
9:23 am
scoop it out. at this point it's too early to tell. a little closer to home in the caribbean this has been flaring up for a couple of days. this has the national hurricane center on alert. obviously because it's closer to home. we'll watch that, too.ur that could be our next tropical system. a couple of fronts through the northeast yesterday, heav rain across the northeast, now it's just spoke raddic. i think we'll get the u.s. tennis match in. tand showers trying to sneak io the inner mountain west. we have another fire that's burning now north of boulder, colorado. this one just west of loveland. and that one only 10% contained so not too bad. not g to see rain but not windy. we'll keep an eye on igor.ot another update later on this morning. >> good. thanks, rob. human rights group, international group, says iraq is holding thousands of people without charges them, and without a trial. it goes on to say what's happening to some of them is tragic.
9:24 am
we'll have that story in five minutes. elp workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 llion in claims and set up a $20 billion f independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. am my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right. i but i justve m5 employcan't afford it.ance, i have diabetes. i didn't miss a premium payment for 10 years. and i'm worried if i lose my job, i won't be able to afford insurance. when i graduated from college,th i lost my health insurance. the minute i got sick, i lost my insurance. not anymore. not anymore. not anymore. america's healthcare reforms change lives for t to find out how it can help you, visit us at it's not just fair, it's the law.
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today's morning passport. an international human rights group accusing iraq of holding people without charges or trials and keeping them in prisons. a report by amnesty international, they say evidence they have of torture in secret
9:28 am
prisons and the iraqi government failing to stop. many of the behind bars are ld without charges, in april iraqi's prime minister denied similar reports that iraq is torturing prisons. on to chile now. the miners trapped, one oft the first requests was cigarettes. instead they were sent nicotine patches and chewing come. a new compressor improved circulation so they get their smokes. faucet water that lights on fire or bubbles in a bucket. you want to take a swig of this. people near natural gas drilling sites say the water i toxic. we'll lo at both sides.
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9:30 am
quita mon for wall street t. dow risen the past two weeks, stocks ready to rally
9:31 am
again today? alison at the new york stock exchange, should my buy order be in for this morning? >> don't ask me but yeah, maybe today, drew is your day to make money on the markets. i'll tell you what, the bulls are in control this morning. it's because of new banking rules out of switzerland. global officials agreed this weekend to new regulations that will hopefull prevent another financial collapse. the idea with these rules b is force banks to keep more cash on hand, so they can be r aeds if the economy decides to take another turn for the worse. the rules still have to be approved but if it's going to help the economy then you can h bet it's going to, hel tostocks too. a bidding war in the rental car industry is about to come to an end. dollar thrifty accepted $1.5 billion bid from hertz topping a bid from avis. it's sending shares up 5%. we're looking at stocks in the green now, the dow industrials up 71, the nasdaq by 22.
9:32 am
overall we're watching the bulls taking control today, drew, because investors are relieved that the banking rules aren't as stringent as wall street feared. >> that happened in europe. the u.s. was part of those talks, right? >> exactly. of course all of these rules have to go through approval so we're waiting for that. >> thanks a lot. hey, a few hours from now hundreds action maybe thousands are going too pack into a pu bl hearing on natural gas drilling in upstate new york. it's the fourth hearing held by the e.p.a. as the federal government enters the fray whether hydraulic fracturing is safe. keep inind half of all american homes use natur gas which burns cleaner than oil or coal. it's also cheap and abundant in the u.s. here is the rub. onee ta way the tap the gas invs blasting through rock, drilling down thousands of feet and spewing chemical laced water in the ground.
9:33 am
in 2004 the e.p.e.p.a. deemed is safe. a lot of people don't buy it and want to know what's in yoyr water. i headed to natural gas country to find out more. >> bill's well water that he and his family have been drinking nely 50 years is now full of methane gas. he is sick of telling people about it so now he just shows them. >> i'm going to try it. >> looks like you scared me. >> you're reallyha lucky. >> what happened? >> that's the gas went down. it would blow o tt the hose. if i turn it up, then it will burn a flame off the top. >> the gas bubbles through his well. you can't see the hose in the bottom of that. that's all gas. >> it was at one time clear. >> clear. crystal clear.
9:34 am
>> it steams off ike alka-seltzer. in his chicken coop he can show you the flame. what's causing this? he says like a lot of people in rural eastern pennsylvania, he has be fraked. this area is seeing a boom in the natural gas business because after geological formation known arsellus shale and hydraulic fracturing. fraking as it is known drills into the massive shale rock that lays thousands of feet below. injecting mostly water and some chemicals, which cause many earthquake that fractures the rock, releasing clear, odorless,. floating gold. natural gas trapped inside the shale. hundreds of trillion of cubic feet worth. enough to supply the northeast for decades to come. craig and julie say ty, too,
9:35 am
are being fraked. >> i'm going to play a devil's advocate with you. that's a little bit why they say they are doing this, because this is clean fuel. >> it's not clean to get. it's a fossil fuel. any fossil fuel, coal, oil, gas, is -- they don't see the dirty side. this is the dirty side of natural gas. it's clean to burn but it's not clean to get. >> like bill their well is poisoned. the environmental protection confirmed it and is now forcing the gas exploration company, cabot to truck in clean water. it denies it contaminated anything. a spokesman cite as 2004 study which found only a minimal threat to underground drinking water and told cnn we don't believe therocess is contaminating the ground water. as a technology it's proven and safe. the homeowners don't buy that.
9:36 am
they are suing. craig wants a clean water pipeline to his home, and he wants to be paid for a house that now has a methane release stack in his front yard. >> to ke it from blowing up, yes. >> and a neighborhood, he says, that is sometimes fogged in with methane mist.e >> will this become a ghost town? >> maybe. i sure don't want to live here any more. w w >>hat craig and jlie want most is to warn people in other area, new york state, where this hydraulic fracture is proposed. they were paid $2500 an ache tear lea their mineral rights, they get royalties which craig says amounts to dollars a week. the money they say now wasn't worth the price they are paying. and coming up next hour we'll take you to binghamton, new york, ahead of today's public hearing on fraking. about 2,000 people are expected
9:37 am
to show up. we'll get a live preview. words alone aren't enough. our job is to listen and find ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. we'll keerestoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i waborn in new orleans. my family still lives here. ak i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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hecking our top stories. "the wall street journal" reporting a $60 billion arms deal between the u.s. and saudi arabia. the agreement includes new f-15 ghter jets, upgrades to existing aircraft and helicopters to the saudis. if approved, this would be the largt arms deal in american history. amnesty international issuing a scathing report this morning claiming iraq is holding as many as 30,00 iraqis without charges or trial and holding some of them in secret prisons. there are also accusations o beatings and torture. no response from the iraqi government. and we'rewatching as a trio of systems, hurricane igor, category four storm, expected to strengthen, tropical storm julia behind it and there is another
9:41 am
disturbance in the caribbean. !es
9:42 am
we still have seven weeks before tndhe midterm elections d a growing sense of voter anger is on full display, this weekend tea party activists held rallies including this protest at the capitol in washington. folks say th aonre fed up with out of control spending, and th are vowing to make incumbents pay on november 2nd. here is our political ticker from the best political team on tevision. sarah palin's robo call in the
9:43 am
senate race in new hampshire, former president bill clinton returning to the campaign trail along with vice president joe biden. and we've updated our list of the 100 midterm races you want to keep an eye on so let's check in with paul steinhauser. >> reporter: let me dig deeper. brand new on the political ticker, let's start with the primaries. tomorrow the last big round, one of the races we're kping a close eye on a four-way fight n new hampshire for the republican senate nomination. one of theeople running, the establishment candidate, she's getting help from sarah palin. the former alaska goveor recorded a robo call going out today and tomorrow. urging them to vote for ioon, bill clinton, let's talk about bill clinton. just learned this in the last few minutes, he iso going to pennsylvania tay, going to campaign for joe stak, the
9:44 am
congressman th senate nominee facing a tough battle. bill clinton is campaigning. also joe biden, the vice president in a previously scheduled event helping sestak raise ney. right now it's held by arlen specter. check this out. right on the cnn ticker, our list of the 100 most competitive races in the house of representatives, rob updated it. of the 100 seats, 85 are in democratic hands. 15 republican seats. drew, remember the magic number for the republicans to win back control, a net gain of 39. we'll keep an eye on all of this. >> so interesting with the sestak race since the administration was trying to gt him out, now really pumping him. >> exactly. we go back to when biden and the
9:45 am
prident and bill clinton trying to see if they could get sestak out. but he is the nominee, they want to keep the seat. they are going to do what they can. >> thweks for that. we'll have an updateo in one hor and r all of the latest political news go to our website, constantly,cnn kim clijsters took a break to become a mom, came back to win the u.s. open for a third time. we'll ask the tennis star how she did it next in the cnn newsroom. something shipping with fedex to shanghai. and then you opened a bottle of champagne. that was for a science project. [ man and woman speaking chinese ] i'm late rehearsal. [ man speaks chinese ] you and i are cool? i'll be home by curfew. [ male announcer ] we understand.® you need a partner who can help you go global. fedex.
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kim clijsters defends her title. she dominated. 6-2, 6-1, winning in 59 minutes. that is a record for the open's woman's final. the tennis star won for the second year in t a row and the third time since 2005. you can forgive her for arno winning in the years in between. she wasn't playing. after a 27-month retirement kim clijsters returned with a new fan, her daughter jada now 2 1/2
9:49 am
years old. m jada's mom jo ins us live. that's how we'll introduce you thanks for joining .h you are there with your trophy. congratulations, your third win of the u.s. open. 59 minutes. this really seemed quite easy for you. >> i mean, i played a really good match in the final. i think my opponent was maybe a little bit overwhelmed by the emotion of playing another grand slam final. i was focused and obviously the experience of playing so many grand slam finals and having helped me, t really you know, a couple of days ago. >> you have been winning on the international stage since you were in the teen, 15 years old. you talk about keeping your composure. do i understand correctly you could hear your daughter calling out to you during this match? >> once in a while i do.y mommy ork you know, like yellin out, her voice obviously as a mother you know the voice of
9:50 am
your own child her voice stands out when she's out but now she starts to understand that you kind of have to be quiet once in a while during a tennis match. she's getting the point now. >> there's a lot of people who love you for your nnis. but so many more, especially moms for what you have done u've come back from having jada. i wonder if you' looking forward to that tt me when you can sit on the couch with her and go through the scrap book and show her how she became part of your story as well. where she can understand what's going on. >> yeah. >> she's so used to the traveling, and me going to the tennis and practicing and working out, and she's too young to understand. it's nice have a lot o people, you know, that we take a lot of pictures, and we videotape a lot re things so when she's older, and once i'm retired for good, that's when we can sit down and go through everything with her and explain to her where we've
9:51 am
been, not just tennis-related but to o explain to her all of e beautiful things we have seen oh far. >> are you still having fun? >> yeah, i do. obviously, it's nice to win, and, obviously, it all becomes a lot harder if the results are not there, but, of course, as a mother, i also have days where, you know, i feel guilty leaving, and that is kind jf hard too jut go out to the practice courts or work out or go have trtheatment and kind of take that away from my daughr when i can have some time with her but it's all e rewarded when the hard work pays off and it makes it easier. >> i know you have a supportive husband and you have a nice family there, but, you know, just being a tennis star i hard. just being a mom is hard. just traveling all over the world is hard. you're putting all three of those together and ople tell me you are one of the nicest people on the tour. >> i'm not doing it by mysf.
9:52 am
hen i'm out on court, i'm playing by myself but there's a lot of peopleround me. we travel with a nanny a well, which makes me feel more comfortable knowing jada is in good hands when i'm on the court practicing on training and my husband is there whether it has to do with tennis or anything off-court, he is there for support, and that kind of keeps me, kind of yeah, very happynd healthy as wellnd my mind set just stays -- you know, i know what to do and i know when i'm done playing nnis, i have nigh family. >> i hate to talk about the end of your career, but you just keep coming back to the u.s. f open until you finally lose? >> yeah, we'll see. far things have been going pretty well for me here at the u.s. open. i'd like to keep it b going, bu maybe i should try to havehe a shot at the other grand slams, too. >> you won the u.s. open in 59
9:53 am
minutes. it seemed like a breeze to me. i bet you're getting exhausted from all of the interviews you are doing this morning. >> it's okay. i have to say it's been a lot more busy for me as a defending champion this year, especially the week leading up to when it started. these e fun things to do and it doesn't happen all that often, so i'mrying to enjoy it as much as possible. >> congratulations to you and your family and good luck in the future. thanks for joining us. a reminder that the u.s. open men'singles set foreast4:00 p.m eastern today, that match between raphael nadal and djokovic was postpone bawd of rain. let's start with reza sayah live in islamabad. >> drew, half a million dollars. that's much the family of the one of the u.s. families have to
9:54 am
come up with ifey want to see their daughter go freed. is it goingo happen and when? >> i'm ted rowlands in san bruno, california. we will have the latest into last week's explosion, and some new home video has surfaced. it's coming up athe top of the hour. take a look live. this is outside of binghamton new york, they wille talking about fracking. the epa holding an open forum on this, and those people want to speak out about what's going on. we are going deep on this subject in the next hour. >> also, fighting city hall and winning big for the residents of bell, california. remember them? $3 million worth of payback. we are live with an update on that story ahead. we're going on a safari. so we're on the serengeti and seth finds a really big bone. t we're talking huge. they dig it up, put it in the natural history museum
9:55 am
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scanning tay's morning passport, comic cartoons are big business in japan, and when you think about japanese comics, you might think of this. >> it's getting colder! >> don't you love those cartoons? you probably don't thinkf
9:58 am
this,ta though? the u.s. military is now a comic in japan, and it's no joke. the idea is better mmunication with the japanese os people. those japanese comics andnse rtoons have a long tradition. cnn's kyung lah is talking about why the army is going the comic book route. >> reporter: amid video games, ghting robots, girls in leather, and whatever the heck this is. the u.s. military.gett getting hands on with japanes comic book fans. comics here are i don't know as monga. u.s. army mor randy bellcome islearning about ite because the u.s. army is distributing its own monga. >> reporter: we have a japanese girl and boy? >> yeah, the american says i'm
9:59 am
here to help provide assistance. it is progressive for us to use this literature to get the new jersey out. >> reporter: the information, explain the 50-year security alliceetwe u.s. and japan, typically some very dry reading and drowned out in public debate. many in japan often only hear this side, protests about noise, crime, and the geographic footprint of u.s. military bases inokinawa. >> as far as bridging gaps, we're providing information that they can read and make their own -- ce to their own conclusions about how they feel abt it. >> reporter: to the rest of the world this is cartoons and come issues, but here in japan, it's part of the u.culture. the u.s. military isn't just speaking in japanese, they're communicating through a powerful media.
10:00 am
this army sergeant is fluent in japanese language andrt culture. how important is this as a form of communication? >> very effective. it's everywhere. you see it on the train all of the time, cartoons, and cartoons go from children to adult. >> reporter: it caughtte the attention of thishi man and his son who stopped to mingle with the army. it's really surprising, he says, i kind of thought, what are they doing? he'll now take the time to learn about the two-nation alliance. getting a message through a medium this country understandsa kyung lah, cnn, japan. the safet debate over natural gas drilling will play out just two hours from now in a packedor auditorium in upstate w york. thousands of people expected at
10:01 am
the epa's fourth hearing on this issue as the federal government enters the fray over whether or not fracking is safe. we'll get a live report ahead of that hearing in a moment. first, let's take a look at why this is controversial. keep in mind, half of all american homes use natural gas, burns cleaner than oil and cool and is cheaper. it involves blasting through rock, drilling down thousands of feet andwi spewing chemical lac water into the ground. back in 2004, the epa deemed that practicing was safe, but a lot of people dot buy it and say it is poisoning their ground water. some people who live near fracking sites can literally light their running faucets on fire, others fill buckets with fizzing water straight from the se, but gas companies think they're not responsible for
10:02 am
that. today's epa public hearing doesn't start until noon but we have been staking out the auditorium in binghamton, new york. what's the point of the hearing? >> reporter: well, the point of the hearing is for the epa to get a feel for what they shod be studying when it comes to this hydrolic fracturing study.n they want to hear from stakeholders, gas and oil companies, residents, landowners, all to get a sense of what it is they should be looking at. should we be looking at drinking water? spills? frac fids? they want a sense of what the people and other stakeholders need to know about the study. >> sarah, i'm a person who does a lot of rorting on government agencies. what you're basically telling me is that the epa is asking the public what the epa should be studying about this so that the epa could then get a study together and report back eventually after they figure out what the study is?
10:03 am
>> reporter: in a sense, drew. the epa has their own ideas of what they need to study but they want to hear from the public as well just to know what it is they should also be loong for in case there's anything they have missed or anything that's out there that they don't know about. the epa has their set of thin s they want to look at but they also want to hear from the public. >> we will follow this all afternoon as you followomto it e from binghamton, new york. coming up in 25 minutes, we will talk to a documentary filmmaker about what he found out about when at the he taped "gas land" including a flaming faucet and will talk to us coming up at the bottom of this hour. just outside san francisco, people are returning to a bombed out landscape that had been their neighborhood. a natural gas exosion and sweeping wildfire killed at least four people, destroyed
10:04 am
more than three dozen homes and, now we're learning there were serious safety concerns from the blast. ted rowlands joins us with the latest on this. >> reporter: good morning, drew. yes, that piece of pipe that transmission line, is really the focus of this investigaon. this morning, the ntsb, the lead agency in this, took a section of that pipe from the site behind me here and crated it up. it's going to washington to be analyzsed. yestery, residents for the first time got back into this neighborhood. went along with one family and they shared withs some amazing video taken just after this explosion. >> holy [ bleep ]! what the [ bleep ]! >> reporter: this incredible captured moments after the explosion from a house balcony just behind the blown gas pipe. >> what is that? is it a plane crash? >> reporter: the voice you hear
10:05 am
belongs totere walr mccaffrey. he had one hand on his video cam remark the other on his phone, telling his wife not to come home with their three children. this is the viewno from that de now. walter and his wife were alalod back sunday afternoon to their house for the first time since the exosion. >> just looking at all this - - i mean, i saw all this from the news, but being here for the first time coming up here and looking at all of this, it was ju -- no words. i can't really explain. >> reporter: teams are still siftinghrough ash, searching for remains of people still listed as missing. as investigators try to learn about the explosion, questions emerge at the section of pipe that blew. a pg&e report says the likelihood of a failure making the risk of a failure at this locate unacceptably high. that doesn't mean they thought ere was a chancethat the pipe would explode but mark toney
10:06 am
says it's important that if residents smelled gas before the explosion are true. >> nobody could have imagined something as horrible or terrible as the san bruno blast and fire as happening, but the fact remains that when pg&e got the reports of gas leaks from several customers over several days, they should have realized that thiss ws anrea that was old, that was at high risk, that they identified as high resk. >> reporter: federal officials leading the investigation are looking into the reports about the smell of gas the days before the explosion and how pg&e reonded. >> we would ask anybody who says that they smelled gas and called it in to let us know. >> reporter: the mccaffreys plan to move back when they're sure it's safto do ilso. while their home suffered only
10:07 am
minor damage, their neighborhood will never be the same. >> andrew, the people that lived in the area, in those then homes that were completely flatten, theyave not been able to get back onto their property to see if there are any mementos left because quite frankly, the coroner's office is sifting through the dust and ash looking for remains. there are still people uncounted for. those folks will find out today when they can get back to look at is left on their property. >> ted, i want to follow up on that point because we heard that the search included cadaver dogs that couldn't get in over the weekend because it was still too hot. have the dogs been through the entire neighborhood now? >> reporter: yeah. they got in yesterday and henished up that la 25% that they couldn't get into because of the heat. now it is a matter of literally sifting the area in the spots where dod toy have alerted to look for human remains, what is
10:08 am
left of it. when you look at the explosion, you can see that they're just looking for any minuscule piece of evidence. that's what they're doing for the next few days and then residents will be able to get back in. firefighters hope better weather will give them an edge on this fast-moving wildfire near loveland, colorado. that fire grew from 40 to 700 achers in a few hours. f so far no reports of injuries there, and some 40 miles to the south where another wildfire that's nearly contained, people are going back to their homes but not after that fire near boulder destroyed 166 mes. and, of course, your hurricane headquart wers. we're watching igo is dangerously sounding caantegor hurricane that's gathering strength. that's not all. rob marciano has the latest on and other troubling spots. >> sounds menacinging it.
10:09 am
it's a monster storm. man oh man, this thing just blew up over the weekend. at this time on friday, it was a little tropical storm. now, winds of 150 miles an hour, almost cat five. see the eye l there? it looks like it's gotten even larger than that. certainly showing no signs of weakening, and it doesn't have ch more to go to as far as getting it toa category 5 status storm. that's not good, and we certainly don't want it to come in our direction, but it is heading in our general direction now. about 900 miles or so away from the leeward islands, and we expect it to continue to trac west-northwe west-northwest, continue jos hurricane status and get caught up in weakness that keeps thes things tthe south and maybe make a right turnnd stay out to sea. bermuda is in the cross hairs this weekend. what it does after that, we have
10:10 am
to wait and see. hopefully it stays out to sea. there's julia, she's even further away. i'm not too concerned about julia. more concerned ability this thing. this is close to home. it will bring torrential rains to the came man islands and cuba. they are worried about it becoming more than a wave or disturbance and possibly the next storm, if what is named, and upgraded to a depression. we are watching everything. primetime hurricaneseason. this is the peak and mother nature is certainly accommodating. in washington, common ground could be emerging ie n the hurricane battle over tax cuts. president obama has wanted to extend the bush erayb tax cutto everybody who m akes less than $250,000 a year. republicans say people making morehan that should be included because they help revive the economy but over the week, the top republican says he's going to support tax cuts
10:11 am
for the middle class only if that is the only option he has. >> if the on option i have is to vote forth some of thostax reductions, i'll vote for them. but i've been making the point now for months that we need to extend all of the current rates for all americans if we want to get our economy going again and we want to get jobs in america. >> that's representative john boehner. he says just because he's willing to compromise doesn't mean he's giving up. he vows to continue to push for those tax cuts for people making more than $0,000 right up until the bushules expire at the end of this ar. imam feisal abdul rauf, the man behind the proposed islamic center in new york is talking about negotiations, speaking council onhan to the foreign relations. he didn't mention any specifics but he did say effect ion the table. >> we are exploring allea optio as we speak right now.
10:12 am
and we are working through what will be a solution, god rewilli, that will resolve this crisis, defuse it, and not create any of the unforeseen or untoward circumstances that we do not want to see happen. >> we'll continue to follow this. meanwhile, the debate still heated on the streets of new york. thousands of people taking part in duelling raies. police doesn't report any major incidents. nadold trump offering to the by the site. he's been turned down. tonight he will tell us why he wants to buy it on "larry king live" at 8:00 eastern time. an american hiker could be heading home soon. lawyers say sara shourd's freedom hinges on a half million dollars that needs to be paid to the iranian government.
10:13 am
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10:16 am
>> checking today's morning pass ports, an american hiker jailed in iran for more than a year is on the verg of freedom. a lawyer for sarah shourd says she is set 0 to be freed once her half mlion dollar bond is paid to the government. she has to leave behind her fiancee, shane bower and her friend fattal. they allegedly strayed in iran during a hiking trip. reza, do we know the status of this bail payment yet? >> reporter: drew, based on the information we have, sarah shourd is still behind bars in a tehran britai a spokesperson is telling us that that half a million dollars in bail money is yet to be posted, so sarah shourd is still in iranian custody but he says everything is in place for the
10:17 am
release to take place. all they're waiting for is the bail money. the lawyer is in contact with the officialst the swiss embassy in tehran. because tehran in washington do not have diplomatic relations, it is the swiss embassyn tehran that is going to play the role of mediator in this case. when i asked the hiker's lawyer when he believes this will take place, he said it could take place tonight or tomorrow. anything is possible, he says. of course, this entire process has been unpredictable and somewhat of fiasco with how iran jan officials handled it. last week they said she would be released and did an objeabout f and then said she would be on the condition of $500,000 of bail mon and he met with all
10:18 am
three of t he hikers at the prison and all three are okay and she is happy, although she is not happy about leaving behind her two fellow hikers, and one her fiancee. also in today's morning passport, an internation human rights group accusing iraq of holding thousands of people without charges orrialnd keeping them in secret prisons. it's a new report released by amnesty tinternational. they say there is overwhelming evidence of torture taking place in these secret prisons, and the iraqi government failed to stop it. they say many behind bars are held without charges, no trials. in april, iraqi's prime minister denied similar reports that iraq is tore churg prisoner >> let's go to mexico where one of the country's most wante drug lords is uder arrest, ando the mexico government calls the
10:19 am
seizure a major victory in its battle against powerful drug cartels. his capture follows the capture of this man, known as la barbie. sergio is known as el grand day, and they are own to be high-ranking members of the deadly bell tran cartel. in chil te, one of the firs requests after the miners were trapped was hey, we need cigarettes. they were sent nicotine patches and chewing gum. a new compressor has improved circulation down the, sothey are now getting smokes. >> winning big, the overtaxed residents of bell, california. $3 million worth. this is power with efficiency.
10:20 am
is is an interior that exceeds even the promise of the exterior. this is the all-new jaguar xj. the stunning result of taking a very different road.
10:21 am
checking our top stories - iran could release sarah shourd as early asy.thtoday. they want $500,000 first. firefighters hope better weather will give them an edge on a fast-moving wildfire near loveland, california. it destroyed two homes, 100 others threatened. e igor could
10:22 am
a cat 5 storm toay. pretty far off from land and there are no coastal warnings or watches attached to that storm.
10:23 am
looking across the country now, some long overdue tpaybac coming to the citizens of bell, california. $3 million worth. kirk hawkins has been keeping close tabs onus this outrageous story about these government saries. the people said no more and now they're getting a lit payback, right? >> reporter: that'right. at this point, we don't know exactly whren the refunds are going to arrive in the mail. there are roughly $2.9 million
10:24 am
rth of overcharges, 4,000 property owners affected. that breaks down to an average refund check of $725. that's a big deal in this city. 17,000 people here live below the poverty line. they struggle to get by here, and that was a big deal in one of the many ways that city officials were trying to pad their six-figure salaries and inflading sewer rates in addition to what they were doing, and every month just a few hundred feet from where i stand, they have a soup kitchen wher the give kes dents free food to get by over a period of just a few weeks. >> i know the town well, and that's why people were outraged. a lot of people wanted money and also wanted to city officials to be aeld accountable. what's going on with the investigations and whether or not thesfat cats, if you will, will get some come up pans for this?
10:25 am
>> reporter: right now there's a recall effort under way in the, city, two groups ofts activists gather signatures opinion they have to get this on the ballot and they're hoping to recall four of the part-time city council members who were making close to $100,000 a year. the city also issued subpoenas for the e-mail reports of robert rizzo. he was making $1.5 million in salary and benefits. he is the focus as well as the former police chief and his assistant of an investigation that now is uder way by the attorney general of the california attorney general, and jeocratic gubernatorial candidate jerry brown. this is really just the beginning of some of the relief that residents here areoing to gh receive. >> all right, kirk hawkins, kcal, a place i know well. thank you so much for joining us. drilling down on natural gas production. >> this is the dirty side of
10:26 am
natural gas. n it's clean to person but not clean to get. >> she is talking about a dri drilling method called fracking. the epa says it'safe but a lot of people say they aren't so sure, and they are talking about it today live in binghamton, new york, where there is a debate under way. a lot of people waiting to get in to tell the epa about what they think of fracking. he bush? praiser: well you rarely see them in th good of shape. appraiser: for example the fingers are perfect. appraiser: the bird is in mint condition. appraiser: and i would say if this were to go to auction today, woman: really? appraiser: conrvativy it would be worth 2 in the bush. praise it's just biful, thank u so much for brinit i woman: unbelievable appraiser: conrvativy it would be worth 2 in the bush. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. i but i justvebu my 5 n' emplcan't afford it.urance,
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10:29 am
live pictures of binghamton, new york, where the epa is about to hold a hearing on a drilling process for natural gas called hydrofracturing. short.lled fracking for the fourth public hearing about this controversial method andal
10:30 am
it's really about this gas that can be tapped that can reach millions and millions of homes. again, the process called fracking, involving blasting through rock, drilling thousands of feet down and shooting in a chemical/sand/water mixture. some people say it w poisons th drinking water and the gas companies deny it. >> i saw it go up for a second. >> yeah. just give it a second. >> whoa! ge
10:31 am
jesus christ! that's the best i got. smell hair. >> oh, damn! >> that's a scene from a documentary on this called "gas land." doubt you want to take a swig of that. "gas land" will ke you behind e scenes of what is going on the ground. anwe will have the man behind t film in a second, and we're also going to have a spokesperson from energy in-depth, the group behind the fracking or fracturing process but today's fracking hearing is in binghamton, new york, part of a lucrative marcellus shale region where gas producersre flocking. d a lot of people don't know what we are talking about and how big anrea we're talking abut, and how much gas we're talking about. >> the stakes here are huge and this is just the way to set it up. people need to understand theog economic and geographic consequences. ee all of this yellow, this
10:32 am
whole thing is the marcellus shale, the largest natural gas deposit in north there's a penn stat study that says 489 trillion cubic feet are natural gas are in this region, more than 20 times what we use in the united states every year. the remains form the catskill mountains in new york and extends from tennessee, west virginia, across pennsylvania, ohio. let's do this. let's go to the video from the marcellus shale coalition. the gas deposit could be worth $2 trillion i today's prices. shale gas production already accounts for about one-fifth of the country's gas production, and the current rate is expected to provide half of the nation's gas by 2030. this was in june we got this report from our affiliate ofwja
10:33 am
out of clead rfield, pennsylvan, and there was a leak and polluted drilling water pouring out for 16 hours. no one lived nearby, and no one was injured. no homes within a mile of that. still, these are the stakes. there are massive economic consequences at a time when we are moving more in the direction of natural gas and looking for a way to be energy independent inside the u.s. >> the big question is whether or not tis process is safe, and the answer depends on whom you ask. chris tucker is a spokesman for energy in-depth, which reps natural gas producers from washington, and josh forks, a fill maker behind "gas" tell us why you made this documentary, josh, and what you found. >> are we --
10:34 am
>> this provides water? can u hear me? >> jsh, we lost the first part of that. i'm going to ask you again, your mike was potted do. tell us why you made this film and what did you find. >> well, i made "gas land" because i was asked to lease my land in the upper della wear basin of pennsylvania, part of an intercorrected water system that provides water to 16 million people. i found across the country rampant water pollution, airn, pollution, health problems for citizens because check cals are injected into the ground and vented off into the air duri the process. the clean wateract, clean i ai act, and it was deregulated under the bush administration and this is a scandal. "gas land" is opening this month across the n nation, in new yor this week. i've seen a movemt of people i like i have never seen in my
10:35 am
life against fracking because there are so many people who are outraged and have been overrun by this industry. i responded and putt in the film. it won at sun dance and has been an unbelievable thing that changed my life because i was sent a gas lease in the mail and went across the country and those are the things i found. >> i want to bring in chris tucker. as we're oopslooking at the firl coming out of this man's faucet. obviously you have a different view on this. let me askyou, would you drink water coming from these peoples' homes? >> i don't know that i would. the issue is when you are speaking directly about the gentleman in your last video, you know, he was featured in the film "gas land," and colorado regulatokrs actually took a loo at his water and did the survey on it, and came back and found that that gas had nothing to do with hydrolic fracturing -- i'm
10:36 am
sorry. i'm getting feedback here. >> you're getting feedback? guys, can we fix that? he was saying, if i can just repeat him, he was saying that that scene from "gas land," there was no reason to believe, i belii'eve m saying this correctly, chris, that the gaso coming out of that man's faucet had anything to do with the gas exploration going on in his area. is that what you're saying? >> that's right and it was confirmed by the colorado oil and gas regulatory commission, and they went in and determined it was biogenic in nature and had nothing do with gas development. that's the same sitg uation you are seeing in pennsylvania and new york. a producer out there actually did o a baseline study of water quality in the area and came back and found that one-third of the water wells had methane in nothing to and had
10:37 am
with drilling. o i ju f got back from pennsylvania where the oil company there has been forced to truck in water so these people can drink it. they say the wells were clear. one man had been drinking well water at his home for 50 years, and then they started toing this hydrolic fracturing, a and suddenly he has bubbling gas coming out of faucets. a coincidence? >> they went up and found t the hydrolic fthracturing had nothing do with that incident, and you c report on the website. i was raised in northeast, pennsylvania, an shallow methane has been an issue there long before oil and gas production was considered. fossil fuel with coal, natural gas, deposits of oil has been very much a part of that geological situation there for a millennia. so sig think there has to be --
10:38 am
something needs to be done to handle that situation, but also i think when you apply science to it you come to a different conclusion. >> josh, do you buy that argumentthat this is all coincidental, that the gas coming out of the faucets and the fact that there is hydrolic fracturing going on in the area is, just, hey, bad luck? >> no, t at urall. what's surprising -- the energy in-depth is a smear campaign. they don want people to see "gas land" but the gas in the water is only coming from the deep shale layers in colorado and pennsylvania inis contradiction to what chris tucker is saying is very clear but that's not the only problem. the problem also is that the chemicals used in hydrolic fracturing, which is not naturally occurring, are turnin uperin people's water wells, drilling fluids and drilling muds, and water replacement is happing all over america, and when the gas company settles
10:39 am
with a family whose been injured, they often include in the settlement a nondisclosure which means across america people are trading their silence for water and compensation. that is something that is utterly despicable. gy in-depthta and attacking the him. and americans who say their wells have been poisoned. >> josh, thank you so much. chris, let me ask you a question. the epa did a study in 2004 and found this to be an okay source of getting natural gas out of the ground, but based on all of the concerns now and the concerns of people who have to live with this, should the industry just hold off until the epa does a more extensive study, takes a look at this thing and fines out, if, indeed, this is safe so we're not going back years from now and trying to fix what essentially is being broken at the ment? >> i think the only way that
10:40 am
makes sense is if you accept the premise josh is putting forward, that it is new and unregulated and scotsic. hydrolic fracturing has not to do with drilling. it is post drilling. we are talking about something that takes place for 72 hours or a week. it's been done 1.1 million times, and the epa has looked at 0h is over a half times in 200 had, the late '90s, and 2010 when pai folks came to the senate and asked are you familiar with a single indense in which it hydrolic fracturing was proven to contaminate ground water, and the answer was, no, no. we support the idea of in new study. if it is science based and peer reviewed, it will prove it's a safe pros tess. >> you have a tough uphill
10:41 am
batt when you see people lighting their faucets on fire, it is remarkable to think there is no link between the two, but you're saying ts here'stno. let's see what the epa says. josh, thank you so much for joining us with your documentary "gas land" that has people talking about this all over the country. we will stay wit this and see at the epa hears this afternoon as they listen to the people's concerns there in binghamton, new york. thank you for joins us. massive government bailouts, frozen credit markets, the ful memories of two years s ago. global officials say they have a plan to prevent it from happening again. [ tires screech ] [ engine revving ] [ drums playing ] [ malannouncer ] 306 horsepower. race-inspired paddle shifters.
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and f-sport-tuned suspension. all available on the new 2011 lexus is. it isn't real performance unless it's wielded with precision. two years ago this week, the wall street titan layman brothers collapsed, and bailout
10:43 am
became an everay word. global regulators are taking steps to prevent a repeat of that. alison kosik is at the new york exchange to avoid a repeat. at ithe plan? >> bank s sort of have new marching orders, keeping more cash on hand because if they get hit with another wave of defaults, they'll be ready. in 2008, the big me tltwn led e to the credit crunch and recession. this would help keep banks afloat and avoid government bailouts, and it is a global effort. the new regulations are called basil 3. in the u.s., the fed is going to be responsible for enforcing these rules. as for wall ikstreet, wall stre is liking it a lot. shares of ban of america, jp
10:44 am
morgan and wells fargo are up. the do you i up in the triple digits. >> i don't understand that because a lot of the rules would basically dampen prhofits. why are the bank stocksoing up somewhere. >> the way investors are looking at this and the wayg banks are looking at this is that they're not going to have to stash too much cthash too soon because th plan is going to be phased in very slowly. also, banks were expecting even tougher regulations, so these regulations weren't nearly as bad as they thought they would be. the new rules will be kicking in in 2013 to give you an idea of how long the banks have to come into compliance, and full compliance doesn't have to happen until 2019, and many banks have already been boosting their reserves. they have learned their lesson and have beension expecting it to happen. they didn't know how strict the rules were going to be and overall theyiee relieved they would be.bad as they thought
10:45 am
>> thank you. checking top stories -- one of the u.s. hikers held in iran could be released sometime today if her family can cough. the half million dollars in bail money to the iranian government. he has developed health issues. her companions will remain. the u.s. appears to bezi nalizing its largest sale of arms to a foreign government ever. according to the wall s journal, president obama will soon tell congress of a $60 billion deal with the saudis. if approved, that sale would cover advanced aircraft but could be expanded to include naval and missile defense upgrades. ec president obama recognizi black colleges and universities of our country, the first theafrican-american president recognizing the 30th anniversary of a week set aside to honor the mission of schools. seven weeks from tomorrow,
10:46 am
u.s. voters go to the polls for the all-important midterms. we're going to show you how one bus tour is t trying to make ro kill of nancy pelosi's care. nsa♪ ♪ with tasty grilled flavor and goodness to savor ♪ ♪ friskies grillers blend. the ♪ feed the senses.
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time now for a reportal fro the best political team on television. mark preston in washington, where he serves as our senior polical editor. what's the latest on >> big, big day, of course, big week in politics this week. we'rewedn focusing on wednesday. you teased it at the top. the republican national committee, drew.
10:49 am
let's take a look at this. the rnc is starting a six-week bus tour going across the country, 48 state sorry alaska and hawaii, they can't make it there. but they're calling this the fire pell lois sis bus tour, drew. they want to take back the house of representatives, so there is a good chance this bus will be coming to a corner in yourod ne of the woods over the next six eks. moving on, let's go down, drew torque new hampshire, where, look at this, the front page editorial in the new hampshire union leader criticizes outsider influence in that race. joseph mcquaid, the publisher of that newspaper comes out a says, basically, you can come in and say what you want to new hampshire vots but they know who the true conservative is. the establishment has gotten behind kelly ayotte. the problemor almontaine is
10:50 am
that kelly ayotte is leading in the polls. in texas, a race you expect the current governor rick perry to win but a new poll out of texas shows that bill white, the democrat has a chance of knocking off perry down in texas right now. a very big race. right now that race is about six points apart, and, drew, cnn has invited rick perry, the governor, and bill white to debate the race at the bush library in college station, texas. mr. white has said he will be e. we're hoping mr. perry agrees as well. >> we have the phone lines open, mr. perry, if you want to call in and accept. we'll make news this morning. next political update is in one hour, and for all of the latest political news, go to our website, today just seemed like a great day to save. oh, it's not just today.
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president obama plans to award e medal of honor to 25-year-old staff sergeant salvatore jenta of iowa.
10:54 am
the president called him to tell him about the upcoming ceremony. he brought two wounded soldie to safety. one of the men was being dragged away by taliban fighters. his mother says other servicesh members should also give thanks. >> as much as we're hear because of what sal did, there are hat will not here t know what this feels like and yet their sons and daughters deserve thistoo. >> guinta's medal of honor will be given for the third time to meone given in the war in afghanistan. >>it time now for "home and away," our daily tribute to our men and women incenifo who have made the ultimate sacrifice in iraq and afghanistan. today we're lifting up we areng lifting up sergeant mc here is justin with his sister
10:55 am
at a mother's day picnic just two months before. he came home to hur price his family, including his two sons. he was so excited that his tour eof duty was going to end soon. his uncle hopes he will be remember fod hr smile and charm. this ihow you can help. go to, type in your service member's name in the upper right-hand search field, pull up the profile, send us your thoughts and pictures and we promise to keep the memory of your loved one alive. urhank you friend for all y freedom that we've come to know ♪ mom, did you borrow my green shirt? ♪ that's not really my style, honey. weird, i can't find it. ♪ [ female announcer ] new tide original
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10:59 am
belgian tennis star kim clijsters celebrating her second u.s. open title in a row,si thi since 2005, he dominated her opponent, winning in just 59 minutes, a record for u.s. open finals for womens. clijsters returned to the tour last year after having a baby. last hour she told me she gets a lot of support away from the game. >> i'm not doing it all by myself. obviously when i'm out on court i'm playing by myself but there's a lot of work with the team around , and we travel with a nanny that makes me feel a lot more comfortable knowing that jada is in good hands when i'm on court, whether practicing oran training, and my husband i there for support, no matter what, whether it's tens or anything off-court, and he's there for support, and that's something that just kind of keeps me just ki

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